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  • Apple and carrot muffins with walnuts and seeds

    By manulechef on 18 April, 2013
    Could a muffin become a memorable experience? Ok, I guess what you are thinking… “muffins that become memorable experiences?… you should travel more!”  But I’m so fascinated with this recipe! Imagine a moist base with grated apple and carrot  to witch we’ll  add a few walnuts and sultanas to add some texture and contrast to the flavor, and a topping made […]
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  • Carrot Cake

    By manulechef on 16 February, 2013
    To tell you the truth, I think I’ve cooked a dozen different versions of this recipe so far. And after having cooked so many, a couple of recipes have become my favorites. This is one of them. The one I’ve made and shared with friends & family the most. When I’m lucky enough to travel to London, I always try […]
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