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  • Vegetable lasagna

    Vegetable lasagna

    By manulechef on 8 September, 2013

    I’m very fond of this recipe because it reminds me to my first years in Madrid and to the tiny little kitchen in my first apartment. At that time I remember discovering and enjoying  the pleasure of cooking, even though I have to confess that the results were not always edible.  🙂 I took this recipe from one of my

  • Apple and carrot muffins with walnuts and seeds

    Apple and carrot muffins with walnuts and seeds

    By manulechef on 18 April, 2013

    Could a muffin become a memorable experience? Ok, I guess what you are thinking… “muffins that become memorable experiences?… you should travel more!”  But I’m so fascinated with this recipe! Imagine a moist base with grated apple and carrot  to witch we’ll  add a few walnuts and sultanas to add some texture and contrast to the flavor, and a topping made

  • Grilled veggies salad with basil oil

    Grilled veggies salad with basil oil

    By manulechef on 24 March, 2013

    Let me tell you what we are talking about here: very thin courgette slices and asparagus spears slightly grilled, over a bed of fresh lettuces (you can use rocket instead), with oven-dried tomatoes and goat cheese. All of it seasoned with some basil oil that we’re gonna prepare for the occasion. It sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Well, trust me, it

  • Oven-dried tomatoes

    Oven-dried tomatoes

    By manulechef on 18 March, 2013

    Almost three months without a new recipe is too much, I know. But these last weeks we’ve been making some changes in the website. And even if we still have some work to do, the renewed version of  manulechef is almost done. All this blogging thing has changed (evolved?) a lot since we started two years ago, and we were

  • Carrot Cake

    Carrot Cake

    By manulechef on 16 February, 2013

    To tell you the truth, I think I’ve cooked a dozen different versions of this recipe so far. And after having cooked so many, a couple of recipes have become my favorites. This is one of them. The one I’ve made and shared with friends & family the most. When I’m lucky enough to travel to London, I always try